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As US COVID-19 Cases Surge, Counterfeit Products Remains Central Concern

As States across America face growing challenges amid rising COVID-19 cases spawned by reopening plans, healthcare organizations are continuing to deal with a multitude of uncertainty regarding the sourcing of personal protective equipment, or PPE.

When the pandemic first spread across the globe, it became difficult (in some cases, impossible) to purchase necessary PPE to keep healthcare workers safe. An unknown, opaque market quickly emerge, filled with hundreds of middlemen distributors claiming to offer equipment for purchase sprung up.

Forced outside of their normal purchasing channels, many healthcare organizations quickly turned to these new importers and exporters in the hopes of find the PPE they needed. However, as many hospitals and government agencies learned the hard way, a vast majority of these distributors were just trying to make a quick dollar - often either selling faulty and counterfeit equipment, or simply taking the money and disappearing.

In an effort to combat these issues, the CDC has continued to perform respirator assessments, and publishes a list of products and companies that fail these assessments for counterfeit and misrepresentation concerns. Similarly, the Canadian healthy authority continues to issue recalls for products, particularly masks and filtering facepiece respirators, which fail to meet quality standards. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration has gone as far as issuing guidance for employees on how to properly check for NIOSH certification on the devices provided to them by employers.

How can we get ahead of counterfeit products?

Now, more than ever, it is critical to stamp out fraudulent and misrepresented products in the supply chain. But how can we monitor the tangled web of thousands of companies that interact to manufacture and deliver the medicals goods we all need? HyperClear is here to help.

With our groundbreaking blockchain platform, HyperClear tracks each individual medical device and piece of equipment throughout the lifecycle of the supply chain. Using secure, immutable blockchain records, we keep track of every link in the supply chain so that doctors, hospitals, and end users can know with confidence exactly where their specific device came from and traveled through.

Gone are the days of back-channel deals fraught with shady characters offering more than they can deliver. With HyperClear, our UDI compliant architecture sources information from multiple systems to guarantee accurate data.

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