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PPE Shortages in America Continue into May, Studies Show

Unfortunately for American healthcare professionals, the extensive shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are continuing to put doctors and nurses at risk. According to a recent Washington Post-Ipsos poll, roughly two-thirds of US healthcare organizations are still reporting insufficient supplies of filtering facemask respirators (FFRs).

A common model of FFR is the N95 respirator, so named for the level of filtration offered by these masks -- this recent post can help understand the various types of PPE and FFRs. The N95 respirators are crucial in fighting the COVID-19 outbreak as they protect healthcare professionals by filtering out airborne particulate at a level fine enough to protect against the deadly coronavirus. N95s have become the center of the PPE shortages facing America due primarily to the rigorous manufacturing processes required to produce masks that filter airborne particles.

The study also revealed a number of alarming statistics still plaguing US healthcare organizations. Over 70% of healthcare workers are concerned about passing the virus to loved ones in their household after being exposed to the virus in the workplace. Half of the healthcare professionals surveyed reported they were regularly changing clothes before entering their home to help protect others from exposure.

And the shortages don't only include FFRs - the study shows that over a third of healthcare organizations are also still facing shortages in surgical masks, hand sanitizer, medical gowns, face shields, and cleaning supplies. An unnamed woman cited in the study who works in "a small, residential mental-health treatment center in Minnesota" said they were still seeing patients from outside hospitals despite not being provided masks and without the ability to properly social distance due to office logistics.

How can we help?

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